By Martin Novell LMFT and Daina Hulet
A lasting relationship is the ultimate luxury! One of the keys to an enviable marriage or partnership is that it has a powerful energy of it's own.
Even the healthiest of couples will, at times, feel the energy burning out between them and find boredom setting in. What you need to know is boredom is a sign that you and your partner are disconnected. Here's how you can reconnect quickly and easily.

Plan to Travel
When couples disconnect, it's often because the realities of their everyday life together have become all too predictable. But the discussions and planning that a getaway can trigger will have you both looking forward to something new with a sense of excitement and adventure, right away. If you weren't talking much before, or making any plans for the future, you will be now!

Get Personal

If the boredom caused by the disconnect between you and your partner, is emotional, then a trip won't make a difference. Your anger and disappointment won't have you growing closer, just because you're away from home.
Try this exercise instead:
Make a point of expressing what you like and respect about each other every day. Positive expressions of fondness, love and gratitude will help move your relationship away from a slump and re-energize the connection between you.

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